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Stainless Steel Detachable ALKO Quick release brake cables with mushroom ends

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Size 890mm / 1086mm
Pack Size Single Cable
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Professional brake cables for day to day or occasional use

Brake cable for ALKO systems / trailers / brakes / axles

Detachable brake cable with mushroom ends for Alko style quick release systems / trailer brakes

Stainless steel brake cables so ideal for boat trailers that go in and out of the water so wont rust

Red protective sleeve on the inner cable for a longer lasting life

Quick release brake cables for ALKO trailer brakes

The detachable end of the brake cables fit into an eyelet in the back of the drum then the leaf plates clasp together over the cable which is then held in place by the brake cables cup sliding over the two halves

The opposite end of the brake cable has a larger nipple / mushroom style head which is designed to suit the new style compensators

Universal brake cables so will fit left handed or right handed drums

Outer diameter (this refers to the outer sheath / the part in red)

Inner cable (the total length of the inner cable)

Supplied pre lubricated ready to fit


• BC41 - Outer Sheath 890mm / Inner cable 1086mm
• BC42 - Outer Sheath 1020mm / Inner cable 1216mm
• BC43 - Outer Sheath 1130mm / Inner cable 1326mm
• BC44 - Outer Sheath 1320mm / Inner cable 1516mm
• BC45 - Outer Sheath 1430mm / Inner cable 1626mm