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Stainless Steel Garden Digging Fork Planting Landscaping Gardening Lawn

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Professional garden digging fork for commercial or use

Stainless steel digging fork

Suitable for loosening, lifting and turning over soil as well as removing stones and dead roots from the soil

Stainless steel forks for maximum strength and durability

The tines on the end of the forks are sharpened allowing the fork to be pushed through the ground a lot easier and efficiently

Forward tilt handle gives the ideal digging angle

D shaped handle is ergonomically designed for comfort when using and reduces blisters

Steel shaft with plastic coated handle for comfort and grip

Strong and durable


• Stainless steel fork
• Steel shaft and plastic coated handles
• Width of the fork – 190mm
• Length of the forks – 280mm
• Total length of the fork – 1 metre / 1000mm

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