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Swimming Pool Maintenance Kit Skimmer Net Floor Vacuum 80" Cleaning

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Pool maintenance and cleaning kit with skimmer net and floor vacuum attachments.

Ideal for removing floating debris such as leaves from the surface and sediment from the pool floor such as sand or grit.

Long lightweight aluminium pole can be fitted with either the skimmer net head or floor vacuum attachments. Total length 80" (204cm) with skimmer net fitted.

Skimmer net attachment makes it easy to scoop up floating debris from the surface from the pool. Leaves, grass etc are easily removed.

Floor vacuum attachment sucks up sediment such as sand from the pool floor.

Powered by a standard garden hose, the venturi effect vacuum effectively sucks the debris into the included washable mesh bag for emptying.

Soft bristles gently help the vacuum release debris from the floor.

Includes quick connector to fit standard UK garden hoses.

Plastic and aluminium components will not rust with regular use.

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