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Tailboard Tailgate Hinge & Drop Catch Latch Antiluce Set Trailer Truck Bolt On

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This listing is for a tailgate hinge and drop catch set.

Ideal for trucks, trailers, dropsiders etc....

Bolt-on hinges include M8 mounting bolts and backing plate for the tailgate eyelet.

Drop catches have a 19mm diameter body and a M12 thread for mounting.

Cropped eyelet plates can be welded on or drilled and bolted.

• 2 x Hinge Pins.
• 2 x Hinge Eyelets.
• 2 x Anti-loose drop catches.
• 2 x Cropped eyelet plates for the drop catches.
Can be fitted to allow the tailgate to be removed or bolted on so that it is retained.

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