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Tow Bar Electrics 7 pin S Type Plastic Grey Flying Socket for Caravans TR044B

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This listing is for a 7 Pin flying socket (S type) to power supplementary circuits on caravans.

Flying socket is ideal for making extensions.

Screw connection inside the plug, easy for DIY replacement.

Brass pins in a durable plastic housing.

Provides connections for reversing lamps, battery charging, fridge and other power.

PIN 1 Yellow Wire (Reversing Lights)
PIN 2 Blue Wire (Battery Charging)
PIN 3 White Wire (Earth Return for pins 2 & 4)
PIN 4 Green Wire (Power Supply)
PIN 5 Brown Wire (Spare)
PIN 6 Red Wire (Fridge)
PIN 7 Black Wire (Earth Return for Pin 6)