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Tow Bar Electrics Sockets Twin with Audible Warning for Caravan & Trailers

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This listing is for two pre-wired sockets complete with gaskets on a twin mounting plate. The kit also includes scotch lock quick connectors and an audible warning unit.

Twin Sockets suit caravans and trailers alike, one provides power for the trailer/caravan road lights and the other provides supplementary curcuits such as fridge power, battery charging and reversing light etc...

The included audible warning unit provides an audible warning that the trailer lights are connected correctly. This unit beeps with the indicators only when a trailer is connected and is often a legal requirement on modern vehicles. When the trailer is not connected the unit is silent.

The brass connection pins are housed in durable plastic housings.

Complete with 1.5m of cable.

Easy to fit wire as follows;

Grey Socket
PIN 1 Yellow Wire (Reversing Lights)
PIN 2 Blue Wire (Battery Charging)
PIN 3 White Wire (Earth Return for pins 2 & 4)
PIN 4 Green Wire (Power Supply)
PIN 5 Brown Wire (Spare)
PIN 6 Red Wire (Fridge)
PIN 7 Black Wire (Earth Return for Pin 6)
Black Socket
PIN 1 Yellow Wire (Left Indicator)
PIN 2 Blue Wire (Fog Lamp)
PIN 3 White Wire (Earth Return)
PIN 4 Green Wire (Right Indicator)
PIN 5 Brown Wire (Right Side light)
PIN 6 Red Wire (Brake lights)
PIN 7 Black Wire (Left Side light)
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