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Towbar Electrics 7 Way Bypass Relay to fit Jaguar Negative Switch Trailer Caravan

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This latest smart relay is designed to work on cars with negative switched lights.

Generally used on Jaguars with negative switched rear lights.

Easy to wire, if you can wire a towbar the old fashioned way you can wire this unit.

Totally protects the cars wiring and control module from faults in the trailer, short circuits in the trailer, extra load etc...

The wires from the relay are connected directly to the back of the vehicle lights as with normal tow bar wiring to provide a signal to the relay. The relay then provides outputs to the trailer/caravan lights powered directly from the battery.

Because the lights are powered from the battery, this latest relay draws only 0.001A (1ma) from the vehicles lighting system, which will not effect any bulb warning system.

Warning, do not install on a positive switch vehicle or the unit will be destroyed.

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