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Trailer Brake Rod Linkage 3m M10 & Single Axle Compensator Threaded Cables

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This listing is for a universal brake rod kit and single axle compensator for trailers and caravans.

Ideal for new builds or for replacing missing brake rods.

Used to link the coupling to the brake cables.

Compensator / balance bar ensures that the brake cables are pulled equally.

3m Long brake rod.

M10 Brake Rod Thread (10mm diameter).

Fits all braked couplings with an M10 thread (the majority of hitches).

Suitable for brake cables with threaded ends. (e.g. most knott brake systems such as Ifor Williams)


• 1 x Single Axle Brake Compensator for threaded cables.
• 1 x domed compensator spacer.
• 3 x 1m M10 Rods.
• 2 x Coupling Nut (Joining nut).
• 7 x M10 Lock Nuts.