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Trailer Caravan Red LED Rear Marker Light / Tail Lamp 12V or 24V TR099

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This listing is for a red LED rear marker light suitable for trailers, caravans, vans etc... This listing is for one lamp, they are available in pairs in our shop.

High quality light, fitted by many top manufacturers, perfect for marking the extremities of a trailer or other vehicle.

Suitable for use with 12V or 24V. Perfect for trailers that may be used on 24V and 12V vehicles.

Also serves as a red retro reflector when not lit.

The LED's draw very little current compared to a bulb and last much longer.

Sizes are as pictured. 120mm total width and 63mm tall. Approx. 21mm thick.

Supplied complete with 2m of twin core cable.

Easy to fit, simple two wire connection. (NOTE. Unlike bulbs, LED lights will only work if the wires are connected the right way round. The red wire is positive and the black one is negative. If you connect them the wrong way round it will not damage them, they just will not work. If this happens just swap the wires over and they should work correctly)

Matching lights are also available in amber and white/clear in our shop.

Price includes VAT and an invoice is included.
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