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Trailer Hitch Coupling Overrun Damper for KNOTT 1100kg - 2000kg KF20 KFG20

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Professional trailer coupling damper for commercial or occasional use

Suitable replacement for Knott Style hitch couplings

This is suitable for trailers up to 2000kg (total weight)

Replacement for 1100 - 2000kg / 1.1 - 2 ton Knott Couplers Coupling Hitches

Total length of the damper 550mm

Threaded end for easy replacement and installation

Replacement coupling damper for a Knott KF20 or KFG20

10mm thread on piston rod end (complete with nuts and washers)

Complete compact sealed body for maximum strength and durability


- Total length - 550mm
- Body length - 330mm
- Body diameter - 30mm


- KNOTT - KF20 or KFG20
- Knott Couplings from 1100kg - 2200kg