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Trailer Hub Axle Nuts M30 30mm Flange Nut One Shot for Ifor Williams Trailers

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Pack Size Single Axle Nut
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Professional flange nut for everyday use

Flange hub nut for Ifor Williams bearings

One shot nut so it is designed to be only used the once, they must be replaced for servicing the brakes

Suitable for ifor Williams braked trailers from 1994 onwards

30mm M30 hub nut

Torque setting for these nuts are 350Nm / 260 ft-lbs

One shot nut within built washer / shoulder / flange

Manufactured from steel for strength and durability

Zinc gold plated for rust and erosion resistance

For use with a 46mm socket

This listing is for one hub nut

After tightening the nut up to the required torque you then knock the top over to lock in the end of the stub axle, this then stops the hub form coming loose from the axle (hence why you can only use in once)