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Trailer Light Electrics Rewire Kit Plug, Junction Box, 10m Cable Wire Terminals

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Old and oxidised trailer wiring is a big cause of trailer lighting problems. Replace old, corroded and degraded trailer wiring with this kit.

Includes all the parts you need to rewire your trailer. Just supply your chosen lights or reuse the old lights.

10m of cable is enough wire to rewire up to a 6x4 trailer.

Wiring guide is shown in the last picture.

Kit Includes;

7 Pin Trailer Plug
Brass pins.
Screw Terminals for easy connection.
ABS Housing.

10 Way Waterproof Junction ?Box
Allows easy joining of the trailer cables from the two lights and to the plug.
Houses a 10 way terminal block.
Screw Terminals for easy wire connection.

10m 7 Core Trailer Wiring Cable.
Automotive grade.
Tough outside insulation provides good protection against rubbing and chafing.
Internal wire colours yellow, blue, white, green, brown, red and black.
Suitable for up to 4A.

25 x Female Crimp Spade Terminals
Easily crimped on to the wire ends.
The most common connection to trailer lights.