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Trailer Taper Roller Bearing / Racer 26.99 x 50.29 x 14.22mm On Meredith & Eyre

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Professional bearing kit for commercial or occasional use

Imperial Tapered Taper roller bearing

Complete bearing and racer

High radial and axial load carrying capacity with a wide usable speed range

Efficient at supporting forces and ensure a precise and rigid shaft guidance system

Each bearing consists of 4 independent components the cone / the cup / the tapered rollers and the cage

High capacity for radial and single thrust loads

Manufactured from bearing steel to provide superior life and reliability

Excellent shock resistant properties

Suitable replacement for trailer bearings as well as some cars

Suitable to fit on Meredith & Eyre 203mm x 40mm and 200mm x 50mm drums


- 44649/10


- Inside Diameter (ID) = 26.99mm
- Outside Diameter (OD) = 50.29mm
- Width (W) - 14.22mm
- Pack Size - 2pc (1 x bearing and 1 x racer)