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Wishbone Lever Extractor Ball Joint Bottom Arm Control Suspension Pry Tool

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Professional tool for commercial or occasional use.

The wishbone extractor tool is for pushing down the wishbone and other suspension parts for example during the disassembly of the drive shaft or during the replacement or exchange of the wheel bearing.

After loosening the ball joint the wishbone must in most cases be pushed down against the bush or stabiliser tension in order to pull the joint from the support.


The joint wedges again in the cone after it was pressed down only briefly with a tyre lever

The ball joint or gaiter gets damaged, the mechanic injures himself or damages suspension parts when the tyre lever slips away.

With this lever tool the work can be accomplished safely and comfortably by one person (no mauling on your own making it safe and simple to use).


Total length 1180mm

Comfortable rubber grip

Adjustable canter lever hook

Sliding adjustment for easy positioning


Maximum leverage